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Filmon is our November newcomer of the month!

Clearvoice Filmon is our November newcomer of the month! article Clearvoice Filmon is our November newcomer of the month! article

This month we are launching a brand-new initiative to recognise our newest interpreters. Newcomer of the Month will be an on-going project – alongside Interpreter of the Month – that celebrates the achievements of interpreters who have recently joined Clear Voice. We are always looking to expand our team and we are so impressed by the huge, positive impact our new interpreters can have.

With that in mind, our first Newcomer of the Month is Filmon, a Tigrinya interpreter who has impressed us all with his work ethic, high standards and dedication to interpreting. Thank you Filmon for joining Clear Voice and for the effort you put in every day. We spoke to Filmon about why he became an interpreter, how he heard about Clear Voice, and how he is finding it so far.

How I came to interpreting

I started interpreting as volunteer work, helping people in the community. I would help with the language barriers at GPs, hospital appointments, the British Red Cross, etc. That’s where it started really. Once I had been doing interpreting as volunteer work, and enjoying it, I thought perhaps I could turn this into my employment as well. To start with I would do it alongside my 9 to 5 job, but over time I turned interpreting into my full-time role. The flexibility and choosing my own hours of work was important. I was not able to do this in my previous job which was a real burden for me.

I interpret Tigrinya, which I grew up speaking in Sudan. My mother has worked in the UK for 45 years but, whilst I was a child, she had to leave me and my siblings with my grandma in Sudan. In 1998, when I was around 14 years old, we were able to come to the UK to be together. With time I was able to adapt. I had the privilege to go to a grammar school here and learn English.

Interpreting to help people

Interpreting gives me the opportunity to do what I enjoy: helping people. I’ve been in situations in end-of-life wards, or where women are in labour whilst I am interpreting over the phone, and it just gives me so much joy to help people in these crucial situations. I always try to make the client feel comfortable and understood.

Dedication to quality

The quality of my work is something that I take very seriously. I try to be the best in what I do. That creates an impact on the client, and it helps to retain the client in the future. That is what I have been doing so far and trying to bring to Clear Voice. I make sure everything is on point, that my appointments run smoothly, and that there are no difficulties. At the end of the day, I am there to help the client, and I am there to make sure everything is communicated properly.

Finding Clear Voice

Clear Voice are a unique organisation and I’m happy to have done my research and found them. It’s nice knowing that all the money they make goes to support Migrant Help. I’m glad to work for an ethical organisation, and glad to be trying to contribute to society and make a difference. I’m grateful to be part of that culture. I wish I had joined Clear Voice a long time ago!