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Why choose us?

Clearvoice Why choose us? article Clearvoice Why choose us? article

The top 10 reasons to use Clear Voice Interpreting Services for all your interpreting needs, face to face appointments and translation services:

1. No complicated sign up process

We offer a simple joining process which can take just minutes to do.  You send us your details, we give you a unique PIN number, and then you are ready to use our services! We can also organise different PIN numbers for different departments, which can help you to track usage and spend more effectively across your organisation. 

2. No minimum spend per call

Unlike some of our competitors, there is no minimum spend per call for our on-demand telephone interpreting service. We save you money by only charging you for the service you actually use.

3. Get connected quickly

Our average connection time is just 35 seconds, so you’ll have your interpreter on the line extremely quickly; something which we understand is essential in many situations.

4. Two taps to talk

Our mobile app is free to download, and it takes just two taps of your phone to be connected to a telephone interpreter. You can set your favourite languages for even quicker navigation. It’s like having an interpreter in your pocket!

5. Choose from hundreds of languages

We cover a comprehensive range of languages with everything from Albanian to Zulu covered!  We also offer some of the rarer languages, so you can rest assured that your needs will be met

Globe filled with flags on the world

6. Bespoke Face to Face interpreting

We know that sometimes you need to have an interpreter in the room, especially for sensitive discussions.  Our bespoke face to face service is used on many occasions; one of our interpreters has been present at two births!  You tell us what you need and we will offer you a bespoke solution. Our professional, friendly and experienced interpreters are based across the whole of the UK, so we can keep travel times, and therefore costs, to a minimum.

7. Translation services

Need  written word translation? No problem! You tell us what you need translating, and we will provide you with a quote for this service. Only once you are happy and have agreed will we undertake any work. We can translate any project, small or big, from an A4 page in one language to a 100,000 word document into 50 languages. Our turnaround is between one to two days for smaller documents and up to seven days for larger projects.  All our translation work is quality checked on a regular basis to ensure a professional, accurate service is offered.

8. We are small enough to care, but big enough to be reliable

We are a perfect balance of a small company who cares about every customer, and a thoroughly reliable company who can cope with meeting your needs. We take time to understand your needs and always employ a personalised approach to meet them consistently.

A fierce commitment to honesty and being open is at our core. We know that everything we do is to the highest of standards, thought-out and done in the best intentions, and as such we feel we have nothing to hide. We let you see the real us- we laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we commiserate. We believe that mutual trust benefits everyone. 

9. We make a social impact

Imagine getting the services you need and knowing that 100% of the profits go to a good cause. Well, we make that dream a reality. We are an award-winning social enterprise and all our profits go to Migrant Help to support displaced and exploited people. We are the only not-for-profit company in the sector and are very proud to be leading the way. 

Social Enterprise Awards Winner badge, 2019

10. Ethics are our foundation

We believe in doing good at every opportunity. We strive to live and work as ethically as possible, endeavouring to buy ethically, recycle and support other Social Enterprises.