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Celebrating our interpreters

Clearvoice Celebrating our interpreters article Clearvoice Celebrating our interpreters article

At Clear Voice, we know that our interpreters are the people who make our service so great.  

Without them, we would be a team with a dream, but without the resources to make that dream a reality!  

That’s why, every month, we like to choose one of our amazing interpreters (every month it continues to be such a hard decision), make them our ‘Interpreter of the Month’ and shine a spotlight on their fabulous work.  

February, March and April’s winning interpreters are all incredible professionals who deliver you, our clients, the very best service. We hear from each of them below…  

February 2021: Briyar  

I was forced to seek refuge from my home country in 2016 due to the risk of my own safety for translating books about politics.  

It has been so difficult leaving everything and everyone I knew behind and starting a new life, but things are looking up and I’m so grateful to be doing what I love, as well as working for a great company.  

I’m so honoured for being chosen as your interpreter of the month. 

March 2021: Hero  

I came over to the UK to get married to my now husband. Interpreting was his profession, and so he introduced me to it. Once I got into it, I loved it! Being able to help others through my job was great.  

I have worked for Clear Voice since 2016 and have taken over 21,000 calls during my time here!  

Working for Clear Voice is amazing. I really feel like the team is my family.  

I recently had a child, so it has been a little more difficult to balance work and mum life, but because Clear Voice enable me to work when I can and choose my own hours, I am able to maintain balance and continue enjoying my work.   

April 2021: Gabrielle 

I started interpreting back in 2012 when I worked on the reception desk for Refugee Council. I interpreted for all the people who struggled to speak English so that they could access the support they needed.  

My colleagues recommended Clear Voice to me, and so I started working with them in 2015. I have been working there ever since!   

I love being able to support people in expressing themselves.   

Working for Clear Voice is such a joy and completely stress-free; they are so kind, polite, and understanding.